World’s Flagship Crypto Hits $14,000

World's flagship crypto

World’s flagship crypto, Bitcoin surpassed $14,000 in the crypto market interestingly this bullish feat coincides with the day Satoshi Nakamoto released its whitepaper in 2008.

The world’s flagship crypto just surpassed $14,000 some hours ago, coinciding with the day Satoshi Nakamoto released its whitepaper in 2008. Ever since the crypto asset has gone from strength cryptocurrency breaking all growth barriers across the various spectrums.

However, there was a pullback in the world’s most valuable crypto market when it reached a peak of $14,100 and saw an immediate rejection, at the time of writing Bitcoin traded at $13,816.60 with a daily trading volume of $22,510,578,181. BTC price is up 1.8%.

Another bullish bias, triggering buying pressure is Bitcoin $BTC Futures Open Interest (Perpetual) (1d MA) just reaching an 8-month high of $99,025,593.55 on Bitfinex.

The previous 8-month high of $98,795,955.99 was observed earlier today.

The most critical fundamental that could be responsible for the scarcity and price surge on the bias pinpointing Bitcoin deposits declining on crypto exchanges, meaning that large and small investors are keeping the crypto asset mainly for wealth preservation.

Fewer people are depositing the world’s flagship crypto, BTC into exchanges.

$BTC inflow transaction count of all exchanges (7-day moving average) hits the three-year low.

Finally, the number of retail investors holding bitcoin is also on record high as Bitcoin Number of Addresses Holding 0.01+ coins just reached an ATH of 8,714,259. Previous ATH of 8,711,524 was observed earlier today.

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