Cardano 12% Price Rise, Top Cryptos End At Rock Bottom

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Cardano took the cryptocurrency market by surprise by surpassing all the other top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization in an end-of-week sprint with about 12%.

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Ready, set…BANG!—and they’re off! 

Chainlink is the first out the gate in a flash, up 13.83% in the past seven days, per metrics site CoinMarketCap. Trailing behind but giving it everything it’s got is Bitcoin Cash, up 9.41%. Biting Bitcoin Cash’s tail is XRP, up $8.96% in the past week. XRP’s trying to get away from Litecoin, up 8.42%. Neck and neck are Bitcoin and Ethereum, up 7.47% and 7.29% respectively. 

And what’s that? It’s difficult to make out, but…wait, be quiet now—the dust is settling. Ah, it’s just Polkadot, spluttering as it copes with the fumes of its jockey, who spent most of last night throwing up most of the previous night. It’s up 4.85%. And of course, there’s Binance Coin, spinning up circles, up just 3.5%. 

But hang on, THWING…Cardano shoots past. Everyone thought it too young to race—it’s not safe, they said—the recent network upgrade, Shelley, only launched in July. But, tongue slack and legs about to buckle, it rises 12.2% in the past 24 hours, and 15.7% in the past week. 

With Cardano way out in front the race looks futile. What we considered fast was in fact slow—what rubes we were. The rest of the horses cross the line but nobody’s paying attention; all eyes are on Cardano today. 

XRP rose 0.09% in the past 24 hours, to its current price of $0.25. Bitcoin Cash by 1.07% to $231.73; Binance Coin by 1.04% to $28.74; Polkadot by 3.45% to $4.33; Chainlink by 4.74% to $10.6; Litecoin by 3.65% to $49.42; Bitcoin by 2.55% to $11.399; and Ethereum by 4.16% to $374.98.

How’d you do? Spending the next week adjusting your financial models or packing the suitcases for Bermuda? 

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