Bitcoin wallet has surpassed the 3.5 million downloads mark

The wallet has surpassed the 3.5 million downloads mark, confirmed CEO and Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver in a recent episode uploaded on the YouTube channel.

Ver was joined by Gabriel Cardona, Bitcoin Cash developer, and the man behind the Badger Button and Bitbox, along with guest stars Komugi Yamazaki and Aska, members of the Japanese Bitcoin Cash community.

Other topics that were discussed were Coins for Clothes, the BCH-backed charitable clothing project in partnership with a Toronto-based charity, the partnership with HonestCash to severe as an alternate to Patreon, the massive acceptance spike of the Badger Wallet and an update regarding the wallet.

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The wallet has surpassed the 3.5 million downloads mark and Ver added that over 3 million people now hold at least one Bitcoin wallet. Some users hold more than one wallet hence the variance in the above figures. Ver added that:

“It is not necessarily one person per wallet.”

However, he stated with certainty that there have been:

“Around 3 million downloads across the different platforms.”

The official wallet download count on the website stands at 3,544,778 wallets created so far, at press time. It is estimated that the amount passed the 3.5 million mark on February 9, prior to the launch of the video.

Roger Ver added that prospective users could create their own wallets by logging on to website. He further added that no identifying information like name, email, country-specific TaxID number have to be given to make the wallet, ensuring a privacy-centric process.

He added that Bitcoin Cash, the now sixth largest cryptocurrency can be “kinda” bought with the wallet. He did not confirm the reason for his uncertainty regarding the use of Bitcoin Cash via the wallet. However, Ver added that the wallet can be set to automatically buy additional Bitcoin Cash every time the user spends the held BCH.

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Additionally, the wallet has the Bitcoin-friendly merchant discovery application Marco Coino in-built so that users can locate merchants that cater to the BCH community’s payment needs. Merchants who will receive Bitcoin Cash from the community can use the held cryptocurrency via to receive a 20 percent discount on Amazon.

Roger Ver further confirmed that more updates regarding the wallet were forthcoming, stating:

“More updates are coming to our wallet.”

Furthermore, Ver added that complete native application support on both iOS and Android devices will be coming to the wallet soon with the intention to enhance the overall user experience. This update will enhance authenticity within the wallet as originally developed applications will be allowed to integrate with the wallet.

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